Smart Symptom Check software

Connecting patients to optimal care
Improve the speed and medical quality of telemedicine and face-to-face appointments.

Smart Symptom Questionnaire

  • Smart Symptom Check software is a smart pre-appointment questionnaire that supports the assessment of the need for treatment and improves the medical quality and speed of your organisation’s chat, video, telephone and face-to-face appointments
  • Intelligent algorithm chooses which questions to ask based on symptoms or reason for contact
  • The software interprets answers the user has inputted and decides if further questions are necessary
  • After the questionnaire, the software compiles the answers into a summary that can be easily used e.g. in patient record systems
  • In addition to summary, the software also provides additional information to the healthcare professional:
    • Urgent care recommendations
    • Serious symptoms highlighted
    • Possible relevant ICPC-2 and ICD-10 codes
    • Recommendations for relevant healthcare professionals for the situation
    • Suitability for telemedicine
  • Sample questionnaire

Straightforward Integration

  • Smart Symptom Check software integrates as a part of customer’s own digital health platform
  • Integration can be built into customer’s own server environment using container technology (Docker) or using SaaS-platform offered by JST Healthcare Solutions
  • Customisable White Label UI offers wide-scale personalisation of the user interface to meet the customer’s desires
  • JST Healthcare Solutions also offers a separate browser-based user interface that can be used to support the assessment of need for treatment performed over the phone
  • Smart Symptom Check software is a CE-marked medical device under the medical device directive in class I. A process is ongoing to bring the software into MDR 2a classification
  • Additional information

“The software reduces the professional’s work stress by providing a good preview of the next patient and reducing the time needed for appointments.”


EU Co-funding


JST Healthcare Solutions has received EU co-funding to develop a Medical Device Regulation (MDR) compliant quality management system and technical documentation for Smart Symptom Check software to meet the MDR requirements.

News from Kanta-Häme


Kanta-Häme wellbeing services county is the first wellbeing services county to begin using Smart Symptom Check software.Älykäs-esitietolomake

It has been a pleasure to work together with efficient and professional team from Kanta-Häme wellbeing services county!

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