Sample Questionnaire

General Information

  • Smart Symptom Check software can be integrated into for example customer’s digital platform
  • This makes it possible that a patient can fill out the questionnaire before contact with a healthcare professional
  • Smart Symptom Check software can also be used to support the assessment of the need for treatment performed over the phone
  • In this case, the healthcare professional performing the assessment fills the questionnaire
  • Following example is from a browser-based user interface provided by JST Healthcare Solutions for nurses performing the assessment of the need for treatment over the phone

1. Starting

  • The first step is using the software is to fill out patient’s age and gender
  • After this, the software asks for a symptom or reason for the contact. Search engine’s predictive text input suggests matching search words
  • 1-3 symptoms or reasons for contact can be selected

2. Questionnaire

  • After selecting the symptoms or reason for contact, the software moves into the symptom questionnaire
  • Smart algorithm selects the preliminary questions based on the symptoms or reason for contact provided
  • Questions are asked in the same manner as a healthcare professional would ask them
  • Optional additional information can be provided through text or multiple choice questions

3. Questionnaire

  • After answering the preliminary questions, smart algorithm evaluates the answers and if additional questions are needed
  • These possible additional questions are retrieved one at a time
  • In this browser-based user interface, the questions are retrieved by clicking the “Additional questions?” button
  • If a patient is filling out the question by himself/herself using e.g. a mobile device, the additional questions are retrieved automatically without a need to press a button

4. Summary

  • The answers are used to form a summary for the healthcare professional
  • This can be used straight away e.g. in patient record system

5. Summary

  • In addition, the software provides additional information based on the answers. This includes e.g. treatment recommendations, urgency recommendations, statistical codes and suitable healthcare professionals for the situation